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Spotlight~ Author Noelle Bodhaine

Spotlight~ Author Noelle Bodhaine
The Voice Trilogy

Whisper ~ The Voice Trilogy Book 1
When Sophie stumbles into Rhys' world she is mere whisper of herself. A shell broken and battered by loss and neglect. A weekend away and time with friends is what she needs. What she gets is a sexy alpha male with a mysterious past, a reputation beyond measure and a need for control. Gambling with one's heart is a dangerous affair and everybody knows you don't walk away from the table when you are winning. 
Review~ 5 "I want to take Rhys home and make him MINE" Corsets!!!

Why oh why had I not read this book before now?

I know why. Life gets in the way and commitments take hold, but I am so glad I finally squeezed starting it in. Really that is all it took. Once I started I was completely HOOKED!

I absolutely loved this story of Sophie and Rhys!

I saw so much of myself in Sophie and I think if many of us are honest with ourselves we all do. She has been through more than most in her short 24 years and has found herself simply going through the motions of life. Not truly living. She escaped into herself for self-preservation and has been hiding in the mundane ever since. The best thing she did was recognize that and make a decision to breathe new air.
Enter Rhys. Tall, handsome, rich and utterly unattainable.

While he may seem like he has it all in this world he is likely in the same boat. Going through the motions and not truly living HIS best life. He lives the life his last name requires of him. Sophie knocks him off his axis and turns his world upside down. But it's only for a few days right? Nothing serious. Nothing life changing. He never goes back for seconds. Or does he? .....

Noelle - wow. Wow Wow WOW! Your storytelling is magical. I was lost in their world and what a wonderful place to be. The way you describe the scene, the feelings, the people around them the... everything. I couldn't help but be sucked in. I cannot wait to read more of your writing! Consider me a lifelong fan. Period
 WHISPER (The Voice Trilogy, Book 1)
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Speak~ The Voice Trilogy Book 2
Rhys is everything Sophie never knew she wanted, until he lets her down. With a broken heart in tow she leaves him in the dust and starts over only to find herself a shell of who she had become, no longer satisfied by who she was.
When Sophie cuts him off, Rhys is a shell. Wanting what he cannot have, he must prove to Sophie that he has changed. But when the moment comes will he speak up? Can Rhys overcome the ghosts of Sophie's past? Can Sophie forgive Rhys his past sins? Find out in the second installment of The Voice Trilogy a story of self discovery, profound change and a love that must be written in the stars.
Review~ 5 "Holy SHIT I didn't see that coming" Corsets!!
 The perfect sequel to Whisper (The Voice Trilogy Book 1)
FINALLY!!! Book 2 of a series that doesn’t fall flat! Brilliant!
-Looks up to the book heavens and sings praises!-
(don’t laugh at my singing! Haha)
I can’t say too much about the story as I am a big believer in non-spoilers, but trust me when I say if you give this series a shot you will not spend a single moment regretting it!
Alpha-male with a great heart- check!
Strong, independent and utterly adorable heroin- check!
Hot sex, intrigue, scheming, heartache, love, undeniable connection, plotting ex-lovers, did I say HOT SEX? Holy hell, YES! – check Check CHECK!!!!
There is a cliffhanger and I’ll admit I had no idea it was coming. I didn’t read any of the reviews prior to reading this book, I read it purely off my love for the first one. I was taken completely off-guard and to be honest I wouldn’t have it any other way! I cannot wait for Shout!!!
In the Indie community there is talk of hidden gems. Authors that everyone WHISPERs…() about in the hallways SPEAKing quietly of them eventually being seen and picked up by a publishing house. For me Noelle is one such author. If only they would expand their horizons and see what is right in front of them!! That’s me SHOUTing. Superb execution of the storyline!
Just read this- take a deep breath and feel it as you read it
“He glowers for a split second before his eyes glaze over with a licentious, manipulative intent.  Every inch of my body springs to attention with his smoking look. I tamp it down, unwilling to let my body betray me. I will not stay. He rises with purpose from the couch, slow and lithe. His eyes are narrowed on me and he pulls that lip through his teeth. A rattle erupts in my loins in unison with his teeth, ringing in my blood. Fight it! .....”
Feel that? Now go read it- because that was just a taste of how amazing this writer is!  
SPEAK (The Voice Trilogy, Book 2)
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Noelle Bodhaine loves all things creative: books, movies, music, cooking and art. The daughter of a jewelry designer, Noelle is an avid all-things Doris Day movie watcher and has been known to swoon over Cary Grant. By day Noelle is a taxi-mom to two active school-aged boys and wife to a supportive husband, who has had to share Noelle with book boyfriend Rhys. Noelle's laptop goes everywhere she goes, as she never knows when a character may have something to say!
Noelle and her family reside in the beautiful Rocky Mountains.
Noelle loves to hear from her readers!
Email: noellebodhaine@gmail.com
Facebook Street Team: Nellie's Naughty Nymphs
Un-edited excerpt - subject to change

"That’s it Rhys, drink up. I just want to talk.” I let the scotch luge down my throat, the whole glass, one gulp, and she releases her held breath. “Now that we have that over with, let’s talk about Sophie, shall we.” And in the mere mention of her name, the angelic sound passing through the gates of hell I lose my temper and everything becomes a blur.

“Don’t you talk about her Nadja, don’t you dare,” the cool malice in my voice in comforting. I push back from the table and stand with a sway while Nadja remains in her seat. 

 “She is a child Rhys. A paupers child, and she will never be good enough for you. I am sorry to say but you are making a fool out of yourself.” I grab her chair and pull her out from the table, she stands and I place my hand firmly at her back and gently shove her towards the sliding glass door and the open pool deck.
 “You have to go,” I growl as we approach the open door.
 “Rhys, wait!” She yells, feigning fear, trying to pull at my heartstrings, but she cut those strings a long time ago. I am so far past the end of my rope, nothing she says will pull me back. She tries to push against me, to stop me from pushing her but I am determined. As we make it to the door she pushes back against me with all her might, forcing me to push back and she loses her footing. I grab her by the arm to stop her from falling and she rips herself from my hands, sending her slight frame hurling towards the door jamb where she crumbles to the floor. I stop and watch her, like a slow motion movie. She looks up into my eyes with first a smile, a smile that chills my blood, and then she bursts into tears, cradling her face in her hands.




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