Secrets From The Boudoir Ladies

Meet Natalie Teller!

Welcome to our Secrets From The Boudoir! I’m Mrs. Jax Teller (in my dreams) but ya’ll can call me Natalie. Hey, a girl can dream, right? Dreams are good! Reach for the stars and shit! I am a life enthusiast, avid reader, smut peddler, hip hop junkie, alpha male lover and Sons of Anarchy fanatic! Duh! Charlie Hunnam aka Jax Teller is my ‘baby daddy!’ I am almost always inappropriate and I say bad words shit and fuck a lot. I love me some raunchy smut! I’m a Registered Nurse, Cajun, and a Capricorn. I’m compassionate, filter lacking, stubborn, competitive, and extremely independent. I am pretty laid back for the most part and am not necessarily a rule breaker, but definitely a rule bender! 

I laugh a LOT! Just ask Amanda, we laugh until we damn near pee ourselves! I have a bucket list and a fucket list a mile long and I’m always striving to be the best me I can be. I am THAT Mom that drives a convertible and listens to loud, profanity ridden music and doesn’t hesitate to give a muthafucka the “finger” all while on my way to drop my kid off at private school. Hmm..What else? I pretty much love all walks of life, except fake bitches. I can’t stand a fake bitch. And, I have a bit of attention deficit disorder. I get easily distracted.. (especially if I see something sparkly) Otherwise, not too much ruffles muh feathers, but good lawd when they get ruffled.. watch the fuck out! OK, that was a lie! Wal-Mart and traffic, they piss me off and give me mood poisioning! That’s enough about me. Feel free to follow me and my naughty shenanigans on facebook and twitter @mrs_jax_teller  Live long and love smut!

Meet Amanda Afterdark

Welcome to the Boudoir…  It’s so exciting to be meeting so many new readers, bloggers and of course, our beloved authors.  The book world is very exciting right now, new indie authors emerging and some of our old favorites who we stalk on regular (Tara Sivec ~ I love you) like good readers do!

I love the dark reads.  If you think you can jack me up with a book and make me say, “No, fuck noooo, this can’t be happening,” then you want me to read and review your book.  I love the funny reads, the kind that make you have to squeeze your legs together before you pee kind of funny.  It’s all about balance for me.  I love psychological thrillers and books that make me question my own existence.  

Hot, dirty, steamy, sexy as fuck books are always welcomed here and I can’t wait to get my hands yours… I’m open to all kinds of kinky fuckery and don’t pass judgement.  In fact, the more fuckery, the better!  Kidnappings, hostages, and mind fuckery is also good.  In other news, I live in the thriving metropolis of Toronto, Canada.  I say EH, watch hockey (GO LEAFS GO), and have a fondness for beavers.  I’ve been bloggin’ for a little over a year and have met some of the best bloggin’ bitches, and together we bring you, Secrets from the Boudoir.

Click our buttons and follow our dirty little secrets as we go.  This is going to be an epic fun ride and couldn’t be happier about this blog and the bitches in it with me!

Please be advised ~ if there is ever an opportunity to say FUCK, I probably will.

Meet Kylie the Bookaholick

Hello y’all. So let’s get to know me ;0).I am an awesome wife who is happily married to her tattooed bad boy for the past 20 years!!! I am also a really cool mother to the 3 best kids ever, 2 teenagers (lord help me) and one still in elementary . I reside in the great state of Texas where we love everything bigger (you know what I am sayin’!!!). I am a professional business woman by day and a complete book whore on nights and weekends. I am what you would call a Book-a-holic but I would rather call it a Book-a-holick. I love to read romance novels of all kinds, contemporary, suspense, NA, YA, dark, BDSM and erotic. The smuttier the better!

Meet R. Nicole 
Let me be your dark romance tour guide.
Hi!~ I am an avid reader and wine enthusiast who loves to pair the two together. My mood usually involves reading darker, gritty, and thrilling reads...I'm not one for fluff or neatly packaged HEAs. Give me gut-wrenching, emotional, and intense reads- I want the whole experience! I want to feel what the character feels, see the story play out from the pages, and keep the experience with me to share with other readers. && Just like my books I love my wine full-bodied: Syrah, Chianti, and some top shelf Cabernet.

I’ve always had an intense love of reading but discovered the online book world in 2012 when I first joined Goodreads.  After discovering GR I started writing reviews for the books I adored and dipped my toes in several outlets, including my own blog.  However, I just didn’t get the experience I wanted- I wanted to be a part of something and meet fellow book lovers.  So I’m absolutely thrilled to join a blog now with a few other kickass ladies ♥.

When I’m not reading I work in retail and spend time with my man and babies (furry and scaly).  It’s never a dull moment watching the rivalry between my bearded dragon and man regarding who has the bigger beard.  xx

Meet Tiff

Hi there! I'm Tiff. A. Welcome to the Boudoir!

When I'm not keeping people in line and projects on task with software development, you can probably find me behind the pages of a book. My passion for the Indie community pulses through my veins.

Hot Erotica BDSM books that keep my blood pressure up are definitely my fave (shout-out out Al Daltrey!) The kinkier the better! My naughty side loves to come out and play. I do love a laugh-your-ass-off sexy book in between a dark mind-fuck read now and then too don't get me wrong! Let's not forget my good girl side that likes a nice romance from time to time also!

Bottom line is this unapologetic, tall, blonde Texas girl born and raised, has a passion for the Indie community that runs deep. I believe in what authors have to say in their books. If you like it, then read it. Transform your thoughts into something beyond this reality- take yourself to places you never thought possible. Escape the stress and hard times real life can bring.

Stick around, read up and don't bother getting offended by anything we say. Just sayin'.


  1. Natalie has Keith Richard's raw talent. Amanda is Jaggar in the spotlight. Kylie and R. Nicole are Ronny Wood and Bill Wyman, the all-important rhythm section, without which it's not music. Then, there's Tiff - Charlie Watts - laying down the foundation with a steady back-beat.

  2. Love you, Al... But. Either my age or your age is showing because I don't know who the hell any of them folks you mentioned are. 😁💋

  3. The Rolling Stones girls..... geez!!!

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