Monday, October 17, 2016

White Out (24690 #2) ~ A.A. Dark

For the briefest moment, revenge was sweet. My husband was suffering before my very eyes, and Bram … he was alive. But happiness didn’t last. The man who claimed he wasn’t my savior held true to his word. Bram didn’t rush in and save me from the cruel fate of the White Room. No one did. Now I’m tortured with red light massacres and a hell I could have never imagined. Surviving will take everything I have, but I’m determined to get answers from the man who turned his back on me. When I think it can’t get worse … it does. Slave 24690 is all but gone. The evil woman reborn is what nightmares are made of. Insanity beckons, but even my madness won’t derail the plans I’ve set in motion. Masters will fall. Conspiracies will reign. But will I be strong enough to let go of the one thing that could ultimately destroy me?

When love abandoned you, negative emotions easily slipped through the cracks of one's broken soul to make us whole again. They provided reasons to move forward and continue to breathe. Death wasn't an option. Not when you craved to be the one who caused it. 

24690 had such an intense ending that I couldn't wait to read what happens next! The suspense and derailed joy ride continued full steam ahead in this installment of Whitlock's story. If anything there was more action and gore in this one! 

I may have feared her, but there was beauty there. Dark, Whitlock-type beauty. In truth, we were living our own violent, little fairytale. Two monsters, loving each other the only way they knew how in such an environment. 

Everleigh has pretty much banished the title "slave" and fully embraces her new title of "Mistress." She has grown and morphed so intensely it was almost like reading from a completely different character's perspective. She's savvy, cunning, and always one step ahead of the men. A lot of the twists were unpredictable and of course the ending was just as crazy as you'd imagine! 

White Out definitely pushed my limits and some scenes were very hard to read- there was A LOT of gore and gloom & doom throughout. However, the book itself was still very enjoyable and well-written. I can't reflect on too much without spoiling some major plot twists ;). 

One thing that I really enjoyed about 24690 was the dynamic between Everleigh-Bram- and West. In White Out it wasn't the same- Everleigh has almost become inhuman and bears almost no shred of compassion or humanity left. That was a big turn off for me personally- I did not connect with her anymore and lost a little bit of interest in her viewpoint during parts of the book. However, that is solely my opinion and did not take away from the actual plot. I fully understand this was more horror less romance but come on!! #TeamWest *sniff*

My personal "theme" song for this book -->

Also, I want MUST know Eleven's story! Argghhh I wanna know! Spinoff? Please?!? *pouty face*

5 stars xx


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