Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Spotlight ~ Steps of the Heart: First Dance by Di Anne Sandvik

~ Spotlight ~
Title ~ First Dance
Series ~ Steps of the Heart
Author ~ Di Anne Sandvik
Genre ~ Contemporary Romance
Editor ~ Maria Martinez
After spending some time in Cartagena, Colombia, Victoria Moore, healing over the tragic loss of her husband set out to change her life and reinvent herself. She not only had the money, but she also possessed the passion and the artistry it would take to become number one in the Latin Dance World. Victoria now had the mind set, the grace and the body of a disciplined dancer to match her alluring beauty. Along with her trusted dance partner Mateo Chavez, they quickly rise to become the reigning World Latin Dance Champions. Victoria thrives on the contented and happy routine her life has now fallen into...but all that was about to change with one phone call and an opportunity too big to pass up. It's the chance to catapult her career to the next level.

 What she was not prepared for were the two Latin men that would come into her life and turn everything upside down. Sonny de la Cruz the hot Latin Superstar, whose poetic music is dark and seducing just like his eyes. He was a man that belonged to another woman and would never be hers. Even knowing this, she was not sure she could ever walk away from him. The other, Alejandro Perez, a powerful, handsome Latin record company mogul. The perfect man to fit all her needs. A man she wants desperately to open her heart to. Will he be enough for her to step away from the one that danced his way into her heart?  Both men will bring to her life what her heart has been missing...unbridled sexual desire, passion and love.

Follow Victoria Moore through the steps of her life as she takes the Latin dance word by storm and ventures deep into the Latin culture in search of love. Steps of the Heart is a series filled with fabulous fashion, exotic locations and a complicated love triangle. 
Love Love Love this book! Fantastic! Five Corsets!

Let me just start by saying I absolutely LOVE this book!
I wasn't sure what to expect from a first time author. Sometimes first books can be a bit rough. I've read my fair share of those, but this is not one of them!

I'm not big on recapping storylines in my reviews. I feel even without specific 'spoilers' it can ruin it for the next reader that comes along even if you don't mean to. Victoria is absolutely delightful, albeit a bit frustrating at times with her indecision, but hey... what women aren't!

She's torn between two men- and on the surface yes that has been done so many times before but NEVER like this. I love the premise of Latin dancing/dancers as characters. It's new and refreshing. It kept me interested throughout. Even though I didn't always understand all of the small snippets of Spanish, I was able to continue to grasp the dialogue and fall in love with the characters.

The story has plot. The characters have attitude, personality and depth. All things first time authors sometimes struggle with, but not Di Anne. She is a natural storyteller and definitely in her element with Victoria. I can't help but believe there are pieces of her in this character.

I can't wait to see what happens in the next installment. This is not particularly a cliffhanger but there are definitely some powerful and life changing decisions to be made going forward. I know what I want her to do.... so we will see what happens!

Fantastic job! Absolutely, genuinely enjoyed this book. I recommend it to anyone! Oh... and if you love some hot sex scenes... well... you will not be disappointed!
Di Anne is originally from Wheeling, West Virginia and now lives in the central Florida area with her husband Sig and their chihuahua Lola. She could always be found at gatherings and parties telling the stories and sharing memories amongst her family and friends. After meeting a romance author at work one day, she discovered she had a story to tell and took the author's advice to write it!  Di Anne tried the suggested method and immediately walked away from it. Then two months later she opened her iPad and using the Notes app (without a keyboard) started writing. Once she started writing she couldn't stop the story from flowing. Two years ago, when she started on this writing journey, she walked away from watching television and made big changes in her life. She opened her mind and her heart and music became her motivation and muse. Di Anne’s day job is in the retail beauty industry... so she’s a bit of a diva and has a true love for makeup and skincare. But her guilty pleasure, aside from makeup and music, is high heels. You might say she’s addicted to them and has acquired quite a collection. When Di Anne’s not writing you will find her on her beautiful patio sporting a set headphones, listening to music and dreaming up a new story idea.


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