Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Opaque Mirrors ~ Courtney Lane

Please note, this is a dark erotic horror novel with heavy psychological elements; it is not a dark romance novel.

When the line between fiction and reality bleeds, there is no end to the lies or a truth to be found.

It was never supposed to happen. He was supposed to remain a porn star—the source of my fantasies—in my expansive collection of torture porn. But he found me, and he only wants one thing from me. He calls it the ultimate orgasm; death. He gives me the illusion of choice—my life or his.

I thought my choice would be the end of my troubles, but it followed me to a town known for its close-minded, small population and hypocritical way of thinking.

My madness lurks in the shadows. It watches me and seduces me with pretty smiles and dirty degradation. It assures me that my fantasies aren't wrong. It tells me that they will star in all of my nightmares…and I want nothing more.

Content contains strong violence, coarse language, graphic sex, scenes of horror, and situations that most readers would find objectionable. Reader discretion is highly advised.

"Our colors are too dark and messy to fit inside the lines this town creates.” 

Whitney Tyler cannot escape the demons inside her mind but she can escape them physically by starting fresh in a new town. Whitney uproots her dark and erotic life to life in Bebletown or “Bible-Town” as the locals call it. Sporting a new persona and new future, Whitney believes she can move on from the atrocious event that plagues her daymares.

When Whitney becomes ensnared in the town deputy’s web she can’t believe why she’s caught his eye. But once she’s caught Mason Reid’s eye- he doesn’t plan to let her leave it. As a town that is meant to be holy comes more and more into the light, Whitney feels her mind fracturing and can’t tell truth from reality. Who does she trust when she can’t even trust herself?

I was a neutral-colored fixture in a neutral-hued town, and it hindered the lightless shades from coloring me in their malevolence and controlling me. 

Well then. I have a lot of mixed feelings about this book. On one hand, it was something very different and kind of wayyy out there. I also found the author has an exquisite writing style and can inflict so many emotions and senses by her words. The visit to Grandmother’s house was surprisingly claustrophobic to me and I just wanted the scene to be over! I could smell what Whitney did and it was hard to hide my disgust. 

This book was very confusing to read and what kept me turning the pages, for the most part, was trying to figure out WTF was going on. And believe me- none of my guesses were correct. I have to give the author props for this as well because there was layer upon layer upon layer.

Okay..now the characters. I’m sorry but they SUCKED. The most interesting character was dead by Chapter Two. I cannot wrap my head around Whitney- for one she supposedly came from the adult entertainment industry yet she can’t look anyone in the eye and was so innocent-but-not the whole book I felt irritated by her. Her characterization just didn’t flow or match throughout the story in my opinion. If she had truly been what she thought she was- now that I could see. 

“Tonight, be who you really are with me, Whitney. Make me experience the final orgasm—my death.” 

Furthermore, the blurb says there is NO dark romance. Umm well pretty sure there was- and a lot of it. IDK if I drank too much wine reading this but it was like BOOM they’re together- no realistic courting, explanation, or chemistry. ???

Once we discovered all of the roles the male characters played I did smile and go “ooohhh that’s good” so despite my character grievances I did enjoy the story very much as a whole. 4 stars xx 

It was like a psychopathic killer telling a sociopathic killer he wasn’t on his level—asinine. 


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