Saturday, February 21, 2015

Comfort Food ~ Kitty Thomas

Emily Vargas has been taken captive. As part of his conditioning methods, her captor refuses to speak to her, knowing how much she craves human contact. He's far too beautiful to be a monster. Combined with his lack of violence toward her, this has her walking a fine line at the edge of sanity. Told in the first person from Emily's perspective, Comfort Food explores what happens when all expectations of pleasure and pain are turned upside down, as whips become comfort and chicken soup becomes punishment. DISCLAIMER: This is not a story about consensual BDSM. This is a story about “actual” slavery. If reading an erotic story without safewords makes you uncomfortable, this is not the book for you. This is a work of fiction, and the author does not endorse or condone any behavior done to another human being without their consent.

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Monsters aren't supposed to be beautiful.

Emily Vargas, self-help guru, finds herself locked in a cell with no idea who has taken her or why. An intense extrovert, Emily craves human interaction and will do anything to get attention even from the man who is supposed to be an enemy. She has a Master’s in Psychology…She’s educated on “Stockholm Syndrome”... yet she knows she’ll give in. But what will happen when Master tires of her?

I feel incredibly raw after finishing this book… I have been recommended this book countless times by fellow dark readers and yet I didn’t expect this book to be SOO good! Comfort Food strayed away from the usual dark romances I’ve read and brought so many new elements to the table. This book is truly not only a dark romance, but a psychological thriller as well. Not only does the unnamed Master get Emily to supplant to his wishes, but I too began to think and feel outside of the “norm” while reading.

Comfort Food isn’t a violent dark erotica novel but a heavy psychological mind game. If Saw were stripped of all the violence and reduced to its psychological affect it would rival Comfort Food. You’ll be questioning what’s right versus wrong. I couldn’t help but to feel empathetic towards Master and almost angry at times towards Emily when a normal reader would feel emotions the other way around. More proof I’m quite a sadistic reader: I almost want to go upstairs and make a bowl of Campbell’s chicken noodle soup.

I found the entire novel engaging and once I got sucked in I couldn’t put it down! The book took a dramatic turn I hadn’t expected but the ending was as I had predicted (hoped) . It isn’t your typical HEA and I was still shocked until the final epilogue.

Definitely a five star read & a new favorite of mine. I’d recommend this to all dark romance readers- whether newbie or seasoned. Comfort Food will make you THINK, FEEL, and question your own view of morality and human nature.


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