Thursday, February 26, 2015

With This Collar ~ Sierra Cartwright

Julia Lyle will have nothing to do with domineering men, no matter how tall, dark, and sexy. But Dom Marcus Cavendish will be satisfied with nothing less than collaring the fiercely independent Julia.
Nothing could have shocked her more…
Julia Lyle is invited to her best friend’s wedding and is stunned when Lana kneels to accept her husband’s collar. When Julia starts to object, firm, relentless hands land on her shoulders. The man behind her threatens to turn her over his knee if she interrupts. She’s outraged, but there’s no doubt he’s serious.
After the ceremony, he offers her a glimpse into her friend’s lifestyle, if she’s brave enough to accept.
Master Marcus Cavendish is everything she doesn’t want in a man—dominant, self-assured and arrogant. So why can’t she resist him?
Telling herself that learning about the lifestyle will make her a better friend, Julia agrees to submit to Master Marcus, but only for the evening. Firm and unrelenting in his handling of her, he introduces her to his tawse and the pleasure/pain of a spanking delivered by a competent Dom. The experience unnerves her, making her question everything she thought she knew about relationships, and his forced orgasms leave her shattered.
No doubt the scene seduced her, and that makes her doubly determined to avoid him. She has fought hard for her freedom and vowed only to date nice men, and Master Marcus is anything but safe.
Marcus is undeterred. Julia is a natural sub. The way she responded to his touch, his voice, his punishment proved it. Now he has to convince her to yield to him, submitting to his tawse as she kneels to accept his collar.

4 I liked it corsets
"Submission is different. You consent to do something because it pleases someone else." ~Julia

Fiercely independent Julia Lyle has only one wish for her future beau: he must be a “nice guy” and therefore not domineering. Without a warning Julia attends her friend’s wedding, which is really a collaring ceremony. Thrust into a display of the BDSM world she agrees to scene with Master Marcus for ONE night and ONE night only. Master Marcus has only had no-strings playmates but he’s determined to leave Julia wanting more; he can see that Julia is a true submissive and wants to make her his.

With This Collar could have easily been titled BDSM: 101. While I found it very eye-opening and a realistic display of true BDSM I couldn’t help but to sigh a few times at Master Marcus’ explanations of EVERYTHING. Even Julia complained about his constant info sessions “Quit talking me to death and f*ck me.”

The sex scenes in this book were probably the longest scenes I’ve ever read in a book- that being both good and bad. Don’t get me wrong they were HOT and INTENSE but at the same time I didn’t feel there was a solid plot to the story- there really wasn’t any conflict. I prefer stories with a twist, something gut-wrenching, some angst, drama but this one was tamer than I usually enjoy.

Julia and Master Marcus were both very genuine characters and fit each other well. Although I didn’t relate to either their chemistry was apparent through the writing… Julia was a “boring” person who became bored with her life. Master Marcus was missing a certain piece and he found it when he met Julia and introduced her to the lifestyle.

I’d have to say this was a 3.5 star read for me… but since I loved the undertones of Julia’s sensual awakening I will settle with a 4 star rating. Seeing her come alive in her own skin was the best part of the book and left a small mark on me. Overall I enjoyed the story, enjoyed the steam, and thought it was very well-written but it didn’t wow me enough to continue the series.

"You can have it all. And more. It depends on how far you're willing to colour outside your self-imposed lines." ~Master Marcus



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