Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Caged and Chained ~ D.H. Sidebottom

Judd Asher was taken from his front garden when he was just four years old. After an extensive search he was never found. Twenty-one years after a random call out, Judd is found chained and beaten in the basement of an old rundown farmhouse where he has lived the life of an animal for the last twenty-one years. Kloe Grant is assigned as Judd’s personal therapist. It’s her job to rehabilitate him, to guide him back to normal life. But as Judd’s only emotion is rage, Kloe finds it both heart-breaking and challenging mending a soul that’s not only broken but caged inside him by the demons of his past. However, when Kloe’s relationship with her patient raises some eyebrows, Kloe can’t fight against the powers that want to see her fail, and with an arm behind her back, she walks away, leaving behind a man who has come to live life again for her. Four years later Judd, now known as Anderson Cain, the darkest and most formidable cage fighter in a world where violence and crime are the only way to keep breathing, Judd finds there’s not a lot in life that can abate the rage that still twists and prowls beneath his skin. Not until a chance encounter brings him to her door. To the woman with the bluest eyes and the most stunning smile, the woman who took his hand in the darkness and led him through the door into the sun. But Kloe Grant left him when he needed her the most. She took the only shred of hope and trust he had left and annihilated it. She starved his belief, and she fed his fury. She owes him. And he’s going to make sure that this time, she pays. In blood. In lust. In pain. And with her soul.

My own soul and the truth of what lived in it would be the very thing that tore me apart from the inside out. 

When Judd Asher is found twenty-one years after his disappearance at age 4, Kloe is assigned as his Post-Traumatic therapist. Asher, now called "Anderson Cain", has endured years of abuse and is severely mentally affected. Kloe is determined to help and rehabilitate him but Anderson turns out to be her biggest challenge yet. Anderson can see deep within Kloe, her scars and her past. When lines get blurred Kloe must leave her patient, but now will he let her go?

She was like a wild bird, created to soar in the wind and the sun, and the rain if she chose to. And I kept her in a cage, on a little perch, locked away from what she craved- life and freedom. 

After reading the prologue I knew this was going to be a good one. I'm already a huge fan of the author and I was definitely not let down with this one...WOW! What an intense and savage ride!

Both characters were well-written and had personalities and attributes that were unique and not overdone in the dark erotica genre. I was truly excited to keep reading about them. Kloe was absolutely lovable yet flawed and Anderson's story was truly heartbreaking. I enjoyed how the book split in two and the second half was just as enticing as the first. 

At about 66% I was shocked at the scene before me! I was not expecting it and pleasantly disturbed at the carnal description. Each intense scene had just the right recipe of erotica and gore. 

After the ending, especially with that kind of ending ?! , I will be reading the sequel because I NEED to find out what happens!! 5 stars for sure xx

I had once thought that when I found the light I had been searching for in that long, dark tunnel that it would finally give me the gift I had been holding on for. I had scoured the joyless night sky for peace, a peace that only the brightness of the stars could grant. And I had endeavoured to catch that single magic snowflake in the middle of a howling snowstorm. I had been looking. Forever. But little did I know that it WAS the sinister darkness in the tunnel that was the gift. It WAS the black reservoir of the deepest, darkest night that would be the very thing to give my chaotic soul peace. And it WAS the heaving rush of the bleakest blizzard that was filled with magic. Anderson Cain WAS the darkness. He WAS the black peace in my soul. And within the raging pool of his wild green eyes WAS the magic. The magic that saw me. The real me. He made sure I saw me too. All of me. He’d told me he would make me accept who I really was. I was Kloe Grant. And now – now I am the epitome of what he wanted me to be. But when I finally let go, and I allowed that darkness to find me, neither of us was prepared for who I really was. Death itself. This book contains extreme violence, strong adult language and scenes of dark sex, including M/F/M.

Rage, necessity, determination, corruption, and the deep sense of survival that lived in all of us did a job sometimes we didn’t want to do. 

...And to think I was ALMOST about to rate a DH Sidebottom book 4 stars. *Tsk Tsk*

I devoured Caged in one day and immediately dived into this one. The raw humanity and dynamic between Anderson & Kloe hooked me from the Prologue of book one! I loved the premise of this duet...it was unique, dark, raw, gory, and completely unlike any other dark books I've read. There were a couple times I was truly shocked!! 

In the finale, we watch Kloe embrace her inner darkness and witness Anderson begin to see his light. It was a beautiful contrast and truly rounded out such well characterized characters. Their pasts come to light and there were a ton of revelations in this book!

Towards the end I had a brief moment when I thought Okay so every thread is taken care of, there are no more surprises, I still have 5 chapters left and then BANG! A bold, shocking twist was thrown in there! I couldn't believe it! Entirely gut-wrenching *sob*

“Love isn’t soft. It isn’t romantic. But when it’s furious and engulfing, then it’s the only type of love that’s right.
It’s meant to be a rage that devours every part of you, Anderson. It’s meant to be fucking painful. Because it is painful. Love is fucking agonizing.”

5 stars absolutely. xx
Can Robbie have a spin off? Puhhhleassse??


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