Saturday, February 28, 2015

Fisher's Light by Tara Sivec

"Synopsis ~ I guess this is it huh?  After fourteen years together, starting a life of our own on this island, five deployments and countless letters I've written you through it all, I finally go out to the mailbox and see something I've always dreamed of: an envelope with your name on it.  For one moment, I actually thought you'd changed your mind, that all the awful things you said to me were just your way of coping after everything you'd been through.  I was still here, Fisher.  I was still here, holding my breath, waiting for you to come back even though you told me you never would.  You always said you'd find your way back to me.  Out of all the lies you've told me, this one hurts the most.

Enclosed you will find the signed divorce papers, as requested.
I hope you find what you're looking for.  I'm sorry it wasn't me.

To get the ending they want, Lucy and Fisher will have to go back to the beginning.  Through the good and the bad, they'll be reminded of why this time, one way or another, it will be the last time.

Amanda's Review
5 Tara "MotherFucking" Sivec has done it again corsets!!!
I was so lucky to receive an ARC of this book.  I love Tara and all her work.  I guess you could say I fell in love with her when she wrote Seduction & Snacks.
Fisher's Light is a story unlike any other Tara has written.  I felt the pain, I felt the passion, and I didn't want it to end.  Some books are like that.  True to classic Tara writing, she still has a way to make you laugh and the colorful names she comes up for people like Stanford kills me.
Fisher is a Marine who deployed five times.  Each time returning home to the love of his life a little more broken.  Even though Lucy tries her hardest to help fight his demons, it becomes a hopeless battle that she cannot win.
There is a defining moment, Fisher leaves the island, his home, and his wife.  He is self destructing in a way only PTSD can cause and it's breaking him.  Can he find his way back to Lucy?  Will Lucy want him back after the horrible things he said and did to her?
I should have realised that she was my light.  She was everything bright and beautiful about my life and it went to shit after she left
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