Monday, October 17, 2016

Foster An Author Event ~ Northern Lights by KB Winters

~ Foster An Author Event ~
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Title ~ Northern Lights
Author ~ KB Winters

Northern Lights by KB Winters ->
In a war between love and money, will love win?
After countless tours in the Middle East, Ex- Navy SEAL Blake Cunningham moves to Alaska to get away from it all. The tranquil wilderness proves to be just what his war-battered soul needs. But when his uncle flips the script, Blake is thrown into a new dilemma: Find a wife or lose out on the family fortune.

Taylor Vanderfelt thought she had it all—education, money, a loving family...until her father committed suicide. In the wake of the tragedy, her mother turned against her and demanded Taylor find a rich man to help save the family business. When Taylor refuses to go along with the plan, her mother schemes and signs her up with a billionaire matchmaking site in search of the perfect son-in-law.

The plan backfires—in a big way—when Taylor meets Blake—who proves to be as far from the clean cut, cookie-cutter trust fund baby as anyone could have ever imagined.

They’re from two different worlds, and they’re both under pressure to marry. Can the Northern Lights work their magic on Blake and Taylor? Or will the money at stake pull them apart once and for all?

Find out in the hot and sexy Navy SEAL Romance, Northern Lights, by KB Winters and Evie Monroe!
Northern Lights - A Navy SEAL Romance is a standalone book.


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