Sunday, March 8, 2015

The Truth by Katrina Alba

A midnight kiss with a stranger at a New Year’s Eve party started the whirlwind romance.
Five years later, Alyssa and Grant Kennedy have the perfect marriage. Alyssa is a doctor while Grant is an accountant for his family’s business. They live in a gorgeous mini-mansion with a white picket fence and are about to start a family.
Things couldn’t be better, could they?

Unfortunately, things aren’t always what they seem.
We live in a world filled with lies.
Some lies are to make people feel good.
Some lies are to make ourselves look better.
Some lies are unforgivable and some lies get people killed.
What is the biggest lie you’ve ever told?

5 Who the FUCK Dunnit Corsets
I was given this ARC in exchange for an honest review.  That, and I'm a badass blogger, HA!  This is the second book I've read by Katrina and can I just say, WOW!  I liked her first book, BUT, I loved this book.  The Truth shall set you free baby.
What girl doesn't dream of meeting a hot, charismatic, charming, rich, bad boy type?  Well, Alyssa gets that wish... It was fireworks right from the start at a New Years Eve Party.  Perfect, romantical start for a relationship... Or is it?
Alyssa didn't have the privileges in life, like most of us, as the filthy rich do.  She did however make something of herself and her life and has a group of friends she loves dearly and who love her back.  Alyssa seemingly has it all.  Yet, she's finding herself more and more unhappy as time goes by.  Her job is stressing her out, her husband ignores her and her friends are also busy with their own lives.
One day, something unexpected happens which sets in motion a chain of events that is unstoppable.  Does Alyssa believe her husband?  Who can she trust?  Who does she turn to?  Well, it wouldn't be much fun if I told you would it!!!
Love at first sight is, more often than not, just like fireworks - they light up the sky for awhile, but they burn out just as quick leaving you in darkness.  Sparks fade so don't marry the man who makes you see fireworks.  Marry the one who is your best friend.  Marry the man who knows all of your flaws and loves you, crack and all.


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