Wednesday, August 19, 2015

I See You ~ Ker Dukey & D.H. Sidebottom

I watch you, I see you in ways no one else can, and through my lens I create a life of you for someone to dissect. I capture you in your vulnerability; that smile, your laugh, those tears. I document you and sell your secrets.
When I watch you through my lens you’re mine until I pass you to the buyer. I, like most people, have a fetish for pretty things and in my job I get to be around a lot of pretty things. They pay me to watch them and capture them in a frame for many purposes, and sometimes I like my profession a little more than I should.
I took a job to capture her… I wanted to capture and keep her in more than just the image. This time I will take myself away from the lens and become the client because I cannot resist her, she reminds me too much of my first, I need to have her.
Traumatised from a vicious attack, Nina Drake finds herself shut off from the world until her neighbour brings her out of more than just her nightmares. Even after moving and changing her name, she still can’t shake the feeling of being watched. The memories are so close.
And so is the shadow of the creator of them all.

5 read this now corsets
Evil is real. It's an entity living under the surface, waiting for the moment when you're weak, where you're beaten down by life to a point that realism blurs and everything we think we know, think we are, differs from reality. That's when you know the monster wears your face, lives your life, and sees through your eyes.

I f*cking hate this book.
First I read a book by DH Sidebottom and had my heart ripped out, then I read a couple from Ker Dukey and was lost to the world because I was so engrossed in her stories THEN I read a book by these two devious dark divas and OMG I'm having a ToppingFromBelow-esque serious book hangover. This book made me tear (sadistic reader here) and so emotional I almost didn't want to review it.

Where to begin? In the first 6% I guarantee you won't be able to put this down... the beginning is so disturbing, vivid, and has a new and unique dark story line. We are introduced to brothers Noah and Devon, who are subjected to the vile proclivities of their sadistic and perverted father. After childhood trauma, Devon runs away and spends most of his time behind a camera lens working for his hit-man brother.

When Devon spies Nina Drake, he becomes enamored with her- but she's just a job in Devon and Noah's business. Once the job is over- can Devon walk away?

" disarm me, intoxicate and utterly beguile me. I'm in danger of losing my heart to you and you not wanting it." ~ Devon

After a brutal attack by an unknown masked assailant, Nina moves and leaves her life behind to start anew. She quickly becomes companions with enigmatic yet alone Devon, will she discover the truth that their past intertwine?

About 60% of this book fit my ultimate dark romance needs...
An anti-hero who is still inherently good inside? Check
A realistic heroine who falls for said anti-hero? Check
So much real emotion my heart strings sing? Check

...and then I had the gnawing suspicion of a "twist" and I thought NAAA the authors wouldn't do that...that's too bold! I held on to my naivete as long as I could.

Needless to say, this book is genius. There are some scenes I can't get out of my head- a dark book hasn't affected me like this in some time. I want other dark readers to read this NOW and share with me your shock & emotions- I cannot recommend this enough! BUT in my opinion this is not dark erotica- this is horror- erotic and some romance but horror nonetheless. Newbie darkies beware.

And in the beast shall an angel of virtuousness flourish. I forgive you.

**Song for the book: Hunger ~ Amaranthe


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