Sunday, August 23, 2015

Flip ~ Alaska Angelini

2 Couples
1 Good, 1 Bad
A game they'll never forget.

Vince and I had the perfect marriage...or so I thought.

One date changed everything.

Kidnapped by a couple for their own sick enjoyment, can Vince and I escape their twisted game before they go too far? Or will their dark ways leave a delicious mark too deep for us to ignore?

You want to play a game?

2 Couples
1 Good, 1 Bad
A game they'll never forget.

Jill and Vince cherish each other above all others, yet they have an open marriage to keep things spicy. When Jill goes out to meet the alluring John Smith she soon realizes he has other plans than a casual date...

Held by John and his sinful wife, Georgette, Jill and Vince must play along with their sinister game ... or else face unknown consequences.

I usually don't rate short stories over 4 stars- never an indication of the author's ability but sometimes stories are too short where I don't form an emotional connection. This story was different. Every word added to the plot and although short, I thought it perfect. I got to know the characters but everything was so surrounded in mystery I also had the chance to speculate on the story subjectively- one awesome piece of this story- I feel every reader will interpret the events in their own way. Every reading experience can be different.

I HIGHLY recommend this especially to thriller or dark erotica readers. You won't be disappointed!



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