Friday, August 21, 2015

Pam Ann ~ Lindsey Brooks

Alongside our world is another, a world where women may be kept as slaves, whipped for the slightest misbehaviour or just for the amusement of their owners.
Somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean is a portal where it may be possible to cross from one world to the other, swapping lives with someone on the other side.
Pam made the crossing, although not intentionally. She found herself on an airship, caught as a stowaway and condemned to work semi-naked as a slave for the amusement of the passengers, and whatever they wanted to do to her.

She could not escape the horrible feeling that she was not dreaming and that this unsympathetic world of callous, casual cruelty truly had become her reality.

Pamela Weston was your everyday modern woman with a fitted dress suit and combative attitude- she could take on the world or more simply- take on sexual harassment suits as that was her current career. Investigating the enigmatic Captain Todd, she doesn't expect to fly through a black hole and end up in another world in another life. Sexual harassment is the least of her worries as she learns she is now a captive in a world where women are slaves and must obey their orders unflinchingly.

I read a lot of darker erotica and this one definitely had a lot of unique elements! To say this read was heavy would be an understatement... there was a lot of cruelty and only a little TLC...but it when it benefited the dominant individual. I enjoyed the twist of genres as this book was a hybrid of dark erotica/science fiction/taboo - mixed with some steam punk.

However, there were TOO many erotic scenes where the plot ended up lagging on and on... Pam goes to her work shift...erotic scene...Pam walks down the hallway... erotic scene... Pam goes to the bathroom... erotic scene. You see? TOO much!

The book seemed to demonize Ms. Persephone Peake-but truthfully she was my favorite. Pam exasperated me as she constantly whined internally- is it just me or would you rather be a slave to a beautiful, young blonde millionaire mistress or a dirty, old man? Idk must be me...

The ending was delicious and I enjoyed seeing everything fall into place- but after reading the ending I would have liked the whole story to have been different viewpoints.


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